After watching the BBC One Show on Tuesday 27 July, I felt compelled to write an addendum to my previous blog.     The journalist Joe Crowley has, in my opinion, done immeasurable damage to the  wedding planning profession by incorrectly labelling a wedding decor shop / event stylist business who recently went bust as a “wedding planner”.

No she wasn’t a wedding planner!!! She had a shop renting out grubby lycra chair covers, plastic candelabra and faux flower centrepieces…….. well maybe she didn’t but that’s how I felt  at the time 😉

It was one of those red-mist moments when you find yourself shouting at the TV in disbelief!  I even tweeted the show and Joe Crowley without the courtesy of a reply  (….…  like I even expected one).

In my previous blog post I tried to highlight  the standards of education, experience and professional training undertaken by men and women who deliver wedding planning services and who are trained and endorsed by the likes of Wedding Planners Guild UK, and UK Alliance of Wedding Planners, adhere to their codes of conduct and have Public Liability & Professional Indemnity Insurance to safeguard their clients and invest on ongoing professional development.

Just a few careless words by a flippant ‘donut eater extraordinaire, self-depreciating left-handed scribbler, rubbish speller 😉 broadcast journalist & telly person’ ……….. [his own words on his Twitter bio – not mine] ……. could set us back light-years!

I am sincerely hoping BBC & Joe Crowley will put the record straight with a public clarification.

Professional wedding planners only deal with reputable suppliers for all things in the wedding industry, we know who’s who and who to trust with your hard-earned and sacred wedding budget – indeed our own repuation and income relies on this.   Exquisite Weddings & Special Occasions also has the facility to credit check any supplier on behalf of a couple so that if there is any doubt as to a supplier being around 18 months or two years down the line due to financial problems and not being able to fulfil their contract for goods or services we can check them out.   You can never eradicate all risks but you can mitigate them.  If in doubt …….go with an established and professional service for all elements of your wedding AND also get wedding insurance!

Sit down, cup of tea ………. and breatheeeeee!! ♥