This is one of the most popular services available, leaving the couple free to relax and enjoy their special day without endless enquiries from guest or suppliers about the practicalities or running order of the day.  Most weddings will have a small glitch, that will send even the most level headed bride or groom into meltdown but having an experienced wedding planner to ensure the day flows smoothly is worth its weight in gold and mean the couple are blissfully unaware of any hiccups.

One thing every couple will say is that their day went so fast!  Timing is, therefore, crucial and your wedding planner will schedule everything perfectly into the tight timeframe leading up to and after your wedding ceremony, allowing you both to relax and enjoy the build up to the ceremony and spend time with your guests afterwards.

Your wedding planner can also make sure that all the precious moments you have asked your photographer to capture are photographed by having the right guests in the right place at the right time.